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Welcome to the podcast page of The American University of Rome (AUR).

AUR is the oldest American degree granting institution in Rome and occupies a beautiful campus atop the Gianicolo (Rome's largest hill) overlooking the River Tiber and the popular Trastevere area of Rome.

Our university is home to students from over 50 countries who come here to study for their U.S. accredited undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Our podcast series reflects the broad scope of subjects and personalities that make this institution unique - we hope that you find something both enjoyable and stimulating as you browse through the interviews, shows and ephemera. 


May 9, 2020

When we heard about Project EurHope, an initiative put together by five current International Relations & Global Politics students, we were very eager to invite them for a virtual aperitivo to find out more. While all of our podcasts have a global outlook, this one really takes the cake: in this episode we are joined by Adriana, Irene, Miriam, Bashir, Dario, and their professor, Irene Caratelli, zooming in from various corners of the world to discuss EurHope. On top of dealing with their studies being interrupted by lockdown, completing their semesters via remote learning, and preparing for their finals, these students have launched both a project and a petition that seek to push for coordinated action by EU states to tackle issues that affect them all, most pressingly Covid-19, while also opening up constructive dialogue regarding the EU among young people. We were blown away by our students' vision and dedication, and we are sure that you will be too - so be sure to tune in.

Music credits: "Italian Spirit" by Jewel Beat.